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Photo Page

Photo Page

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The HOF Festival Community Parade

Terry - N8ATZ Relaying Parade Staging Information to the TV Van Production Crew. The equipment is a small laptop packet station into a Kantronics KPC - 3 TNC.


The Packet Station at the Parade Command Center under the direction of Paul - KB8VAS.


Medical Support was handled by Saundra - N8TZB

The installation of the new Station Master Antenna

Dave lifts the new antenna from the main roof to the penthouse roof about 125 feet above the ground. The temporary antenna is seen on the left.

Dave & Terry begin removing the temporary antenna from the mounting pipe.

The old antenna is down and the mounting bracket is being adjusted for the new repeater antenna. Do these look like a couple of happy guys or what !

The new Station Master antenna is SLOWLY set into position into the mounting bracket. Thank goodness it wasn't a windy day !

The WD8AYE Repeater

The front view of  the repeater cabinet  The business end of the repeater. The main components are from the top down - the battery backup controller courtesy of WB8VGE, the 30 amp Astron main power supply, the base station style Master II receiver, the ACC RC-850 repeater controller followed by the ACC Digital Voice Recorder unit. The repeater transmitter is below mounted at an angle for both service and forced air cooling of the power amplifier.


The Repeater Service Call During August 2001

Paul - KB8VAS & Dave - WD8AYE  dissemble the controller to install the new EPROM chip at the repeater site. 
Dave re-assembles the repeater controller after installation of the EPROM
Dave reinstalls the repeater controller into the repeater cabinet
The business end of the controller. Digital connections all along the left side while analog is on the right side, and yes we really do know exactly what each wire is for !


The December 2004 Service Visit to the Repeater Site

Mike - KB8MIB and Lance - K8VPJ check with the service monitor


Next is a check on the output power.


Lance, Mike and Dale - KB8LWP check the SWR from the antenna




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