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ARES Registration Database




Welcome to our ARES Registration Page. We hope that sometime during 2005 you will be able to review your ARES Registration information and automatically make updates as necessary. In the mean time, the table below shows our current ARES personnel listing.




AA8BA 03/27/02 Bud Albright
AA8NV 03/27/02 Larry Beaver
K3GP 04/05/02 George Proudfoot
K8AGB 04/06/02 Dennis Moriarty
K8DEN 04/10/02 Ray Scoville
K8IVS 03/27/02 Mary Ann Royer
K8MOO 04/05/02 Linda Finley
K8OMO 03/27/02 Don Whitacer
K8RIC 05/31/04 Richard Willaman
K8RLS 03/27/02 Robert Steele
KA8MMN 04/05/02 Julian Laboucane
KB8HWV 03/27/02 Mathew Stevens
KB8LWP 03/27/02 Dale Storey
KB8MIB 05/10/02 Mike Lackney
KB8STV 03/26/02 Charles Scherger
KC8DXO 03/27/02 Cheryl Kushner
KC8EUC 03/27/02 Cathy Storey
KC8FLT 03/27/02 William Wade
KC8HWG 03/27/02 Patricia Albright
KC8IHR 04/05/02 Gary Blagg
KC8LIN 05/05/02 Jason Stroll
KC8LYG 03/27/02 Richard Garner
KC8NWB 04/30/02 Edwin Schisler
KC8ONX 02/05/01 Randy Miller
KC8ONY 05/01/02 Lori Miller
KC8QOD 03/27/02 Thomas Gill
KC8SUI 04/14/07 Rick Smith
KC8WVG 04/23/04 William Williams
KC8YYL 04/12/05 Ashley Miller
KC8ZEJ 03/24/04 Michele Gill
KD8JN 03/27/02 Randall Phelps
KF8UN 03/27/02 Byron Berger
N8ATZ 04/06/86 Terry Russ
N8CXG 03/27/02 Roger Stevens
N8DAV 02/05/03 Dave Snyder
N8DVS 03/23/04 Robert Gill
N8DZM 03/27/02 Dan Anastis
N8FCL 02/05/03 Ed McNabb
N8LCS 03/27/02 Jack Wade
N8LVO 03/27/02 Dan Mutigli
N8NLZ 03/27/02 David Hostetler
N8PW 03/25/03 William H. Hannon
N8XTJ 04/08/02 James Lilley
NV8M 03/27/02 Westley Mast
W8DEF 04/05/02 Donald Finley
W8JT 03/27/02 Scott Mathews
W8KXR 03/27/02 Gene Beckwith
W8LVL 05/17/02 Evans Daggett
W8PTU 03/27/02 David Ost
W8VE 03/27/02 Roger Grey
WA8GXM 10/06/01 James Farriss
WA8YGR 04/05/02 Sam Marang
WB8KMP 05/09/02 Ross Riggs
WD8AYE 05/03/79 David Beltz
WD8BGW 04/05/02 Joseph Herrick
WD8ICX 03/24/05 Gary Marks


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